Relationship Counselling, Trauma and Sex Therapy
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Your Life Might Appear To be OK To Others, But Right Now It Feels Anything But …

As a counsellor and therapist specialising in couples therapy, sex therapy and trauma Enhancing Desire can help.

Through counselling, we can work together to overcome the negative thoughts and feelings, anxieties, or whatever else might be impacting on you feeling good.

Centrally located on the Central Coast and in the Hunter Valley, Christina works with you to tackle the concerns of importance to you. She is a qualified couple’s counsellor, sex therapist and has trained extensively in trauma and its impact on clients lives. Issues  you may wish to explore might include sexual health concerns, the impact from recent or old traumas, struggles in relating and/or relationships or any other distresses that destructively impacts on your quality of life.

As you develop new strategies to overcome what might appear to be insurmountable hurdles today Christina works in partnership with you to address the issues, discovering new ways of thinking and acting that will lead to a fresh direction for your life.

At Erina, on the Central Coast, and Cessnock in the Hunter Valley Christina’s clients are always treated as individuals with specific needs and desires, and a genuinely unique treatment plan is created for each client or couple.

Picking up the phone to speak with  Christina can be the start of a new and rewarding chapter in your life. She will make every effort to see you as soon as possible.

Couples Therapy Central Coast Sydney

Couples Therapy

  • The lack of real communication is creating sadness
  • One or both are in pain after an affair.
  • Not heard or listened to, or worse, caught between tense silence and conflict.
  • There is little or no fun in the relationship, perhaps even  living separate lives
Sex Therapy Central Coast

Sex Therapy

  • Libido & sexual desire issues
  • Sexual health & safety, and aging
  • Sexual preferences & infidelity
  • Sexual compulsions, fetishes & addictions
  • Gender dysphoria
Trauma Therapy Central Coast

Trauma Therapy

  • Childhood caregivers attachment injuries – neglect, violence, abuse
  • Mental & physical illness. Major accidents. Loss of loved one
  • Physical, emotional & sexual abuse, rape , natural disasters & war
  • Feelings of being helpless, disorganised, hypervigilant, mistrusting and isolated
  • This may lead to depression, eating disorders, anger issues, addictions and other symptoms

Do get the help you deserve and turn your life around

Whether you are single or in a relationship, you can talk about these most intimate concerns with a seasoned central coast relationship and sex therapist, on your own or as a couple. It is only through taking action to alleviate your pain that you can begin to feel better.

Now is the time to enhance your self-esteem, get your emotional and sexual needs met and live life as you desire. Christina is fully aware of how awkward it is for most to share intimate personal details about their sexual and relationship lives. She makes it a priority to make you feel comfortable and safe as you explore your concerns.

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