Relationship and Sex Therapy for Mature Singles & Couples


  • You don’t feel heard or listened to.
  • You are caught between tense silence and conflict.
  • Your lack of real communication is leaving you disheartened.

Sexual Issues

  • Sex isn’t what it used to be.
  • You seem miles apart when it comes to sexual desire.
  • There are differences in sexual preferences.
  • You go to bed not touching one another, or intentionally go to bed at different times; maybe you don’t even sleep together any more.


  • There is little or no fun in the relationship.
  • You feel that your relationship has lost it’s spark.
  • You sense that you’re living separate lives.
  • You or your partner is in pain after an affair.
  • Perhaps you are single and struggling to find a mate who is right for you.

Overcome your relationship hurdles

With a qualified and sensitive therapist.

Now is the time to enhance your self-esteem, get your emotional and sexual needs met and live life as you desire. Christina is fully aware of how awkward it is for most to share intimate personal details about their sexual life. She makes it a priority to make you feel comfortable and safe as you explore your concerns.

Christina’s New Book

A How To and How Not To guide to getting out there again — when you’ve already had (at least) one failed long-term relationship, are single and want to do it better next time.

“At last a book about relationships that you can relate to.”

Free Report: How to Communicate Your Erotic Desires

Communicating your erotic desires can be a minefield of hurt feelings and damaged ego’s. Christina reveals how to add more to your love life without pushing your partner away.

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