Enhancing your sex life as you age can be fostered as an individual; with a partner; and/or with the guidance and possible medical intervention of a therapist/health practitioner.

The key factors though are to:

  •  Keep as fit as you can. The more you feel healthy the greater the sense of well-  being  and increased sexual drive.

  • Communicate with your partner, your close friend, and/or your therapist/GP. If anxious, express your feelings. Be honest and be open to new ideas. Doing it your old way has got you where you are now!

  • The more you “do it” even when not in the mood, the more you may surprise yourself. Massages, particularly genital, can kick start desire.

  • Work on great foreplay – anticipation is a wonderful aphrodisiac.

  • Masturbation is healthy and mutual masturbation may be even better.

  • Use a lubricant liberally.

  • Erotica and sex toys are now mainstream and can be obtained from the internet. They can enhance the imagination and lead to extraordinary creativity.

  • Focus on your good points. Yes we all have a few or more wrinkles as we age –however if we are confident in our bodies they are soon forgotten. Those years earning the wrinkles may have also revealed to you many of life’s mysteries and pleasures around intimacy and sexuality.

You are old enough to do as you please – within the law. Explore your fantasies and fulfil your dreams. You are never too old to reach for them.

Finally,  if you have a partner, hold hands frequently, stroke and kiss regularly, communicate intimately and laugh at least three times a day.