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Christina Taylor publishes a regular blog discussing all things to do with mature relationships. She will discuss the multi-faceted and nuanced challenges one may face when pursuing romance and intimacy as a ‘grown-up’. Topics covered include re-kindling your sex life, communicating wants and desires with your partner, managing expectations and anything else that matters to you.

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The reality of relationship counseling.

We experience the ‘urge to merge’ when we think we have found a date who will become OUR mate. We find ourselves in a state of euphoria, a head over heels adrenaline rush, driven in part by Mother Nature, wanting us to procreate and sending Hormones that hijack the Head and affect the Heart. This […]

Sex and Ageing in men

Sex and Ageing in Men

As life expectancy increases and medical advances improve the health of many men, intimacy and sexual activity can and does continue into their later life.

Sex and Ageing in Women

Sex and Ageing in Women

When a woman experiences menopause her body does not respond as it once did. The effects of menopause are complex. The hormones are affected, for instance lowering oestrogen levels which reduce vaginal lubrication). It marks the end of fertility; it can lead to depression and there are societal attitudes that may reinforce older women to […]

Intimate Communication

Intimate Communication

In a world dominated by messages about entitled happiness and freedom of choice, we can mistakenly consider that relationships, like our clothes or furniture, are interchangeable and disposable, if and when they do not meet our needs. Instead of noting the potential for our significant others to teach us how to love more, we may walk […]


Hints for Enhancing the Sex Life of “Grown Ups”

Enhancing your sex life as you age can be fostered as an individual; with a partner; and/or with the guidance and possible medical intervention of a therapist/health practitioner.