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Christina Taylor publishes a regular blog discussing all things to do with mature relationships. She will discuss the multi-faceted and nuanced challenges one may face when pursuing romance and intimacy as a ‘grown-up’. Topics covered include re-kindling your sex life, communicating wants and desires with your partner, managing expectations and anything else that matters to you.

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Sex & Relationships

Seeking a Significant Other??   By the time we are grownups most of us know how to go about finding a dentist, a carpet cleaner, a tarot card reader, maybe even a professional hit man (cheaper than a divorce…). But many of us struggle to find a mate, or even a date. We typically make […]

Recession grips

Relationship Therapy and Recession

“Couples who are worst affected by a recession are eight times as likely to suffer relationship breakdown” states a UK survey “Relationships, Recession and Recovery”. Relationship Therapists say Australia is the same. Data  from over 40,000  respondents was grouped according to the experiences of recession: job loss, optimism for the future, perception of current and […]

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8 Ways To Prevent ED

ED affects 40% of men older than 40 and 70% of those over 70 – but few seek help.   If you assess the number of ads promoting drugs that treat erectile dysfunction, or ED, you might believe that modern medicine has revolutionized men’s sexual performance, improved couples’ romantic lives and all but eradicated a […]


Ten pointers to building lasting relationships.

Couples Counselors  state you need certain critical traits in place when it comes to creating successful relationships. These traits exist in a real and genuine way because each partner wants to enact them – not because there is pressure from a partner. Once “give and take” becomes “take then give”, resentment and disconnection bubble to […]

Single man needing relationship counseling

Relationship Counseling For Singles

Relationship counseling is for singles too!! Are you attracting Insignificant Others into your life? Are these potential partners unavailable in one form or another. Why is this? What is going on? OR Are you in the same relationship situation you’ve been in before and want out? Maybe you’re with a very similar person and it’s […]

Gone were the days of emotional restraint.

Women do want sex

Women want sex for the sake of sex just as much as men, it’s just that they mostly don’t allow themselves to admit it. When they do, both men and women will be able to be more honest with one another and enjoy sex more! Women are naturally sexual beings. Allowing women to give themselves […]

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After the love has gone

Desire and the lack of it. In attempting to understand our sexual selves we need to understand the nature of desire. What is desire? The basis of all desire is that most fundamental impulse to seek connection, whether this is a desire for sex or any other type of desire. While some may narcissistically love […]

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Sensual AND sexual energies create the X Factor

Fast or slow sex? Our whole culture tells us that we should do more, do it faster, do it now – not just in sex but also in everything we do. All these messages may lead us to feel that we should speed up and that packing in more experiences, more work, more play is […]

relationship therapy

Three BIG reasons to seek Relationship Therapy.

Question: Do you think marriages naturally improve as you get further and further away from the honeymoon and have greater stress to contend with – particularly with ankle biters in the home? Question: If your leg was infected, would you wait for gangrene to develop before seeking medical attention? And yet you might be putting […]

Female viagra

5 reasons why ‘Female Viagra’ (Flibanserin) is NOT good news for women.

An excellent expose of the power of lobbying by the pharmaceutical companies to push the so called “Female Viagra”. The Side Effects of “Female Viagra”: One in five women in clinical trials experienced central nervous system depression (sedation, fatigue, “sudden unconsciousness”, and extreme sleepiness) equivalent to drinking four alcoholic drinks. Accidental injuries associated with central […]